Aws Software License Agreement

whether such changes and/or additions to the program come from this specific participant and are distributed by that participant. A contribution “comes” from a contributor if it has been added to the program by such a contributor himself or by someone acting on behalf of such a contributor. Contributions do not contain additions to the program that are: (i) separate software modules distributed in conjunction with the program as part of their own licensing agreement and (ii) are not works derived from the program. It is presumed that you have taken all the steps you authorize, support or facilitate a person or organization in connection with this Contract, your Content or the use of Service Offers. You are responsible for the use of your content and the services offered by end-users. You ensure that all end-users meet their obligations under this Agreement and ensure that the terms of your contract with each end-user are in compliance with this Agreement. If you are aware of a breach of your obligations under this Agreement, caused by an end-user, you will immediately suspend access to your content and service offers of such an end user. We do not offer support or service to end-users unless we have a separate agreement with you or with an end-user that requires us to provide this support or services. 5.4.1.

We may change savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instance and EC2 Dedicated Host Reservation Price at any time, but price changes do not apply to pre-defined savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instances or EC2 Dedicated Host Reservations, except as described in this section 5.4. If Microsoft increases royalties for Windows or red Hat increases royalties on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (“RHEL”), we can introduce a corresponding increase in usage per hour (or usage rate per hour) for savings plans for or for EC2 Reserved Instances with Windows or RHEL. Any increase (or implementation) in the usage rate per hour for savings plans for or EC2 Reserved Instances with Windows will take place between December 1 and January 31, and we will provide 30 days in advance. For each increase (or set up) in the utilization rate per hour for savings plans for or the EC2 Reserved Instances with RHEL, we will notify you 30 days in advance. In this case, you can continue to use your EC2 Reserved Instances with Windows or RHEL with the new hourly usage price; (b) Convert your EC2 reserve system with Windows or RHEL into similar ec2-Reserved-Instances with Linux; or (c) Leave your EC2 reserve system with Windows or RHEL and receive a proportionate refund of the pre-payment fee you paid for the EC2-Reserved Instances terminated with Windows or RHEL. The entire code available in SQLite has been completely rewritten. No code from other projects or the open internet has been adopted. Each line of code can be traced back to the original author, and all of these authors have registered joint applications.

The SQLite code base is therefore clean and is not contaminated with authorized code from other projects. 3. Restrictions: You agree that you do not use the software to create, design or develop software other than the developer; (2) to produce more copies of the software than is reasonably necessary for authorized use and backup and archiving; (3) modify the software, create, re-develop, compile or disassemble derivative works, unless expressly authorized in Section 2; (4) to distribute, sell, lease, lease, lend or sublicens parts of the software to third parties, unless expressly authorized in Section 2; (5) to use the software; to (a) create, design or develop software or services to circumvent, activate, modify or give access, permissions or rights that would be contrary to the technical restrictions of VMware products, to all additional licensing conditions provided by vMware through product documentation, email notification and/or policy changes on the VMware site, and/or the terms of the end-of-product user agreements; (b) disable, disable the display of user license agreements